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i-Limb Quantum: Multi-articulating myoelectric hand prosthesis from Össur

i-Limb Quantum is the most advanced multi-articulating myoelectric hand prosthesis from Össur. The ilimb quantum titanium fingers have 50% more load capacity, up to 30% more grip strength and 30% more speed for natural movement, strength and functionality.

Your three tangible benefits:

  • Only myoelectric hand that can activate grip patterns with a simple gesture
  • Activating the desired grip pattern is done by moving the i-Limb Quantum in one of four directions
  • Five independently motorized fingers with rotating thumbs

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the i-Limb Quantum: Multi-articulating myoelectric hand prosthesis from Össur need to know.

Flexibility in everyday life - function

The i-Limb Quantum features gesture control thanks to the patented i-Mo™ technology. This makes it the only prosthetic hand that can activate grips through simple movements of the arm.

Thanks to the motorization, blocking function and app programming, the ilimb hand Quantum is a very powerful prosthesis.

A variety of automated grip patterns and the anti-drop safety feature lead to better functionality.

Your own grip strength and speed can be adjusted to your individual needs.

Give resistance to one or more fingers to block them, and the other fingers will remain closed until you interrupt the closing signal. The grip force and speed with which the fingers of the Össur prosthetic hand are closed are proportionally related to the signal strength used. This allows you to grasp even fragile objects. With the Vari-Grip function, you can increase your grip strength and hold objects better.

A slight movement of the prosthesis in one of four directions provides access to an automated handle. The grips can be assigned to the respective direction via the My i-Limb app.

Specific muscle signals, also called triggers, instruct the hand to access an automated grip if the triggers have previously been assigned grips using the app.


The following possible triggers are available for users to select:


  • Keep open
  • Double pulse
  • Triple pulse
  • Co-contraction

The number of programmed triggers depends on the user's desire and ability to control, train and activate the signals.

On the home screen of the ilimb bionic hand app you will find Quick Grips, automated grips. Tap on a grip icon in the app to access an automated grip. The Grip Chips are small Bluetooth chips that induce a grip in the Össur prosthetic hand called i-Limb Quantum as soon as the hand approaches the Grip Chip or the Grip Chip is double-tapped. With the new Grip Chips, you can install your i-Limb Quantum wherever you want, enabling the use of a suitable grip wherever you want to use it


It is important that the i limb hand prosthesis fits cosmetically to the other side and that discomfort in the shoulder-neck area is kept to a minimum.


Special features and advantages of the i-Limb hand prosthesis

  • Electronically rotating thumb automatically switches between lateral and opposition grip for optimal gripping
  • Choice of 36 different pre-programmed and individual grip patterns for a wide range of everyday activities
  • The Vari-Grip™ function optionally provides additional grip strength
  • Auto-Grasp™ function for additional safety by automatically grabbing objects when they slip out
  • The Touch Care package provides warranty coverage for up to five years.
  • Biosim™ and My i-Limb™ app for setting up and personalizing grip patterns and functions
  • Available in 4 sizes: XS*, S, M and L
  • Variety of glove options available for every lifestyle

Technical information Voltage 7.4 V (nominal) Max. Current 5A Battery Capacity Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries; 7.4 V (nominal); 2000 mAh; 1300 mAh Max. Load (Static Limit) 40kg (XS) 90kg (S/M/L) Load Finger (Static Limit) 20kg (XS) 32kg (S/M/L) Time to complete closure 0.8 seconds

Taska hand prosthesis features

TASKA hand prosthesis features

Using patented i-mo technology, the i-limb quantum is the only upper extremity prosthesis that can activate grip patterns with a simple hand movement.

Movable fingers


Five movable fingers that can adapt to different surfaces ensure maximum dexterity and coordination. The thumb also automatically assumes the correct position for lateral and opposition grips.

The finger speed can also be increased by up to 30% with the Speed Boost feature. The touchscreen-compatible fingertip is also very practical: It is conductive and works for all touchscreen devices.

Vari-Grip & Auto-Grasp function


The auto-grasp function prevents items from slipping away from you.

The handle thickness can be easily adjusted to your needs.

Flexion Wrist


The i-Limb Quantum can be varied by a total of 80° with a wrist attachment. This gives you more freedom of movement for everyday tasks.

i-Limb Wrist


The i-Limb Wrist is a motorized wrist rotator that stands out especially for its simultaneous rotation and Smart Control control. With simultaneous rotation, the i-Limb Quantum automatically and simultaneously rotates to the preset position for the selected grip. This allows you to rotate your wrists in any position you desire.


Four control systems to choose from

The i-Limb® Quantum offers four different control variants:

  • i-Mo™ gesture control, which provides access to an automated handle by moving the i-Limb® Quantum in one of four directions,
  • Muscle control in which specific muscle signals (triggers) activate an automated grip,
  • App control, which allows a total of 36 grips to be selected directly via a smartphone, and proximity control, which uses small Bluetooth transmitters (Grip Chips™) to activate a grip when the i-Limb® Quantum is moved near it.

Do you have any questions?

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For whom is the i-Limb hand prosthesis from Össur suitable and for whom not?

Patients with upper arm, forearm and wrist disarticulation who are looking for a premium hand prosthesis that can be intuitively steered by gesture and can perform activities that require precise motor control.

Company information

Facts & Figures

Össur was founded in 1971 by Icelandic orthopedic technician Össur Kristinsson together with some national organizations for people with disabilities and quickly developed into a successful company. Ossur received a total of €200,000 in funding in 1 round. This was a grant round that took place on June 24, 2022. Ossur is funded by the Government of Iceland. Ossur has acquired 4 companies. Its most recent acquisition was Naked Prosthetics on August 29, 2022.

Company address

  • Össur Germany GmbH
  • Melli Beese Street 11
  • 50829 Cologne
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