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HAL Exoskeleton Well-Being Lower Limb Pro for Everyday Life

HAL for Well-Being Lower Limb Type Pro is a wearable robot designed to improve physical function of the lower limb for the wearer in chronic stages. This device has been improved in several ways compared to its predecessor, HAL for Well-Being Lower Limb Type.

Your three tangible benefits:

  • Customizable to any size
  • Does not support unintended movements
  • Large dispay for easy control

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the HAL Exoskeleton Well-Being Lower Limb Pro for Everyday Life need to know.


When the wearer intends to move his body, the brain sends signals to the muscles. The signals emerge as bioelectric signals ("BES") on the skin surface. HAL sensors attached to the skin surface can detect BES and recognize the wearer's intended movement.

Even for the wearer who has difficulty moving his or her lower limbs due to accidents or illness, repetitive training based on BES with Hal strengthens the neuromuscular connection. Consequently, he or she can expect to maintain and improve body function and promote independent living.


Starting, stopping and changing the support of HAL can be easily operated through the simple user interface to meet different training needs.


HAL can be flexibly adjusted to the size of each individual wearer. Not only the leg length, but also the pelvic width and foot size can be adjusted.

Through the HAL monitor, which displays the content of the control interface in real time on its large screen, an operator could easily see the functional status of the device. The wearer could also feed this visual information back to his training program.

Size S size M size L size X size
Height [approx.] 150 ~ 165 cm 160 ~ 175 cm 170 ~ 190cm 180 ~ 200cm
Thigh length 36~38cm 38~41 cm 40 ~ 45 cm 43~48cm
Lower leg length 35 ~ 38cm 37 ~ 41 cm 39 ~ 45cm 42 ~ 48 cm
Hip width M size W size
28 ~ 36 cm 32 ~ 40 cm
Shoe size 23.0, 24.0, 25.0, 26.0, 27.0, 28.0, 29.0, 30.0 cm
Technical data
External dimension Length 430 mm x width 470 mm x height 1,230 mm



Weight Bipedal model/approx. 14kg


Single leg model/approx. 9kg


Moving range Hip joint: extension 20˚/flexion 120˚
Knee joint: Extension 6˚/Flexion 120˚
Weight limit 40kg~100kg
Operating time about 1 hour


Energy source custom battery


Dimension of the S-size unit, on the shortest setting


Cuffs, sensor shoes and batteries included


May vary depending on operating environment and conditions


The product is designed for the wearer who requires assistance due to difficulties in standing, sitting and walking. Since the device uses a bioelectric signal to assist movement, the device will not assist the wearer in the intended movement if no bioelectric signal can be detected. In this case, the wearer must not use the device.

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Is the product available in Germany?

Unfortunately, the product is currently only available for purchase in Japan. Please feel free to contact us.

Company information

Facts & Figures

The Japan-based company was founded back in 2003 and is one of the industry leaders in Japan. Cyberdyne has raised a total of ¥5.8B in 9 rounds of financing. The latest funding was raised on March 26, 2014 in a Venture - Series Unknown round. Cyberdyne is registered under the ticker TYO:7779 Cyberdyne is funded by 9 investors. Venture Labo Investment and Skystar Finance are the most recent investors. Cyberdyne has made 23 investments. The most recent investment was made on July 11, 2022 when LIFESCAPES raised 720 million yen. Cyberdyne has made 3 exits. Cyberdyne's most notable exits include Allm, Kringle Pharma, and Miraisens.

Company address

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  • 2-2-1, Gakuen-Minami
  • Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • 305-0818
  • Japan
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