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Bateo: gripping aid arm robot for eWheelchair from Exxomove

Gripper arm to mount on the wheelchair and steerable with the wheelchair controller

Your three tangible benefits:

  • Range up to 1 m
  • Operation by means of existing wheelchair control
  • Compatible to any wheelchair

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Bateo: gripping aid arm robot for eWheelchair from Exxomove need to know.

Features & Advantages
  • 5 kg light and 1,5 kg portable
  • Range from 1 m
  • Operate by means of your wheelchair control
  • Three fingers provide a secure grip of very small and large as well as robust and delicate objects
  • Stable and fit to any wheelchair
  • Controllable with the MyEcc pupil glasses from HomeBrace

The BATEO is easy to mount and integrated into the wheelchair control system. This makes it easy to control and steer the robotic arm, just like the familiar power wheelchair. Any wheelchair control is possible, including control by means of glasses. The robot arm's three fingers can now be used to grasp and move objects, open doors and override TV controls, feed the dog, operate traffic lights and much more. The fingers have a specially developed, hygienically cleanable silicone coating and can grasp and safely carry small, fragile as well as large and heavy objects. The BATEO, because it serves to compensate for disability and provides the basic need of grasping, is fully reimbursed.

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For whom is the Exxomove gripping aid suitable and for whom not?

  • Wheelchair user with desire for more independence
  • Wheelchair control must be present

Company information

Facts & Figures

Exxomove was founded in 2019 by Konstanze Hager.

Company address

  • (limited liability)
  • Mebartweg 24
  • 95445 Bayreuth

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