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Military exoskeleton Amplify from Bionic Power

The Bionic Power Amplify uses titanium, carbon fiber, Pebax and other materials to create a lightweight, leg-based, multipurpose exoskeleton for non-medical use that enhances performance.

Areas of application

  • Military
  • Police
  • German Armed Forces
  • Special operation

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Military exoskeleton Amplify from Bionic Power need to know.


The hybrid algorithm and motor / generator not only reduce fatigue by increasing endurance, but also provide a reliable source of power (up to 12W) while walking without hindering natural movement. The Amplify will be used by the military, rescue workers and consumers to reduce fatigue and / or recharge batteries.


  • Reduction of fatigue (metabolic advantage up to 15 %).
  • Power supply in remote locations for unlimited duration (up to 15 W when walking).
  • Lower load by reducing the number of batteries carried
  • Increased mission flexibility
  • Reduced replenishment logistics

The hybrid, non-medical exoskeleton Amplify began as a kinetic energy collector that generates electricity from the natural motion of walking, similar to how regenerative braking works in hybrid cars. Soldiers around the world carry huge amounts of heavy batteries to power their devices. With this exoskeleton, Bionic Power wanted to enable soldiers to carry fewer batteries, recharge existing batteries, extend deployment times and reduce logistics.


Furthermore, Amplify now offers endurance boosting to help reduce fatigue. Whether you're a soldier marching to the front lines, a search and rescue volunteer heading out on a rescue mission, a long-distance hiker, or someone who just needs an energy boost, the Amplify can assist you by amplifying your stride, providing a power source, and in some cases reducing the weight you carry.


Amplify by Bionic Power is a hybrid, non-medical exoskeleton that both increases your endurance and helps recharge yourself or your equipment while walking. The motor transmits torque to the knee joint at different stages of walking, reducing the amount of energy the leg has to expend and thus reducing fatigue. Its smart technology uses regenerative braking similar to a hybrid electric vehicle. When walking, the knee joint is constantly accelerated and decelerated by the muscles. The Amplify takes advantage of this by helping the muscles brake to slow down the knee joint while generating energy. This isn't magic, meaning it can't generate enough power to fully charge itself when you use the augmentation feature, but it does extend its own range significantly. If you only want to charge devices, augmentation can be turned off so that only power generation takes place, and you can charge an iPhone 13 from completely empty in an hour's walk.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

Bionic Power Inc. is a privately held Canadian company that has developed and holds intellectual property rights in wearable technology.

Company address

  • Bionic Power Inc.
  • 2661 Lillooet St
  • Vancouver
  • BC V5M 4P7
  • Canada

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