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Soft Exo Hold from Hunic for relieving the back during standing work

The SoftExo Hold provides support for activities in which one is in a forced posture, such as assembly or standing work, i.e. primarily standing activities.

Industry sectors

  • Assembly line
  • Standing work
  • Mounting

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Soft Exo Hold from Hunic for relieving the back during standing work need to know.


The SoftExo Hold optimizes the working posture during lifting, effectively reducing the forces acting on the back by up to 50% while distributing the forces. The SoftExo Hold supports an ergonomic posture during standing activities. For lighter work that requires little to no support when lifting, we have developed the SoftExo Hold. It consists of a hip belt with a back rail connected to it. This gives the SoftExo Hold even more freedom of movement and makes it ideal for lighter assembly or testing work on a table, assembly line, or construction site, and for lifting smaller loads, especially when repeated bending over is required.

  • Back-friendly, ergonomic work - increasing preventive health competence
  • Maximum freedom of movement due to the low weight and minimal interfering contours
  • As a sustainable product very easy to use and maintain

Product description of the industrial exoskeleton "Soft Exo Hold" by Hunic for relieving the back during standing work:


The Soft Exo Hold from Hunic is an industrial exoskeleton specially designed for prolonged standing work. It is ideal for use in industry, assembly and production. The exoskeleton focuses on relieving stress on the upper body, especially the back.


It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor work. The exoskeleton is lightweight and weighs only 0.95 kg. It is suitable for users with a height of 160 to 210 cm.


The Soft Exo Hold allows users to stand in an upright position and provides support when lifting loads. It is also possible to use the exoskeleton when driving forklifts or vans. In addition, the design of the exoskeleton allows users to sit comfortably on a chair.


The exoskeleton is resistant to oils, dust and water, which extends its application possibilities in various environments. It can be used at a maximum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.


The Soft Exo Hold has the CE marking and is manufactured in Germany. It requires no maintenance and offers a one-year warranty. There is no user manual, but the manufacturer offers a test package for three weeks, which is available for a fee of EUR 2,500.


The exoskeleton is intended for the European market and it provides support for the upper body and is orthexo-proofed.


Overall, Hunic's Soft Exo Hold is an innovative exoskeleton that provides effective back relief for standing work in a variety of industrial environments.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

The tech startup Hunic was founded in 2017 by Jonas Mast in Baiersbronn and funded in a Companisto crowdfunding. In 2022, the team launched a renewed funding goal of EUR 300,000 on According to Hunic, the company's revenue has tripled since 2019 and is aiming for revenue growth of EUR one million in 2022.

Company address

  • HUNIC Ltd.
  • Bergerweg 51
  • 72270 Baiersbronn

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