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MateXT 4.0 exoskeleton from Comau with IOT sensors for real-time support

MATE-XT reduces muscular effort during strenuous indoor and outdoor tasks and, thanks to real-time sensors, supports

Industry sectors

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  • Manufacturing
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Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the MateXT 4.0 exoskeleton from Comau with IOT sensors for real-time support need to know.


The MATE exoskeleton suit is designed to improve quality of life in the workplace by providing consistent, advanced shoulder and arm support during repetitive activities and daily tasks.
MATE corresponds to the physiological movements of the shoulders. Thanks to a chain of passive degrees of freedom, the MATE exoskeleton is perfectly aligned with the flexion-extension axis of the human shoulder, enabling both comfortable interaction and exceptional human-machine synergy.

The MATE-XT, which will be launched in December 2020, is COMAU's next generation of wearable exoskeletons. It is ruggedized for indoor and outdoor use. This exo for work and industry is designed to withstand water, dust, UV light and wider temperature ranges than its predecessor. In addition, the MATE-XT has been redesigned with a slimmer and lighter carbon fiber structure that is also more breathable.


"With the eXTreme, you get lightweight and highly breathable ergonomic support." Similar to other shoulder support exoskeletons, the MATE-XT is for: "Any task that requires prolonged use of the upper limbs, especially at a flexion/extension angle of about 90 degrees (i.e., so-called 'overhead' work.

  • Reduced muscular effort
  • Higher performance through higher precision
  • Improved quality
  • Better working posture
  • Real-time data with intuitive digital dashboard
  • Preventive maintenance: error prevention Io-T capable device: Industry 4.0
Technical details

Technical data


  • passive spring based mechanism
  • Addition of breathable fabrics
  • 8 support levels
  • redesigned locking/unlocking mechanism for easier donning and doffing
  • Lighter carbon fiber structure
  • Intended user height: 5.2 feet (1.6 m) to 6.2 feet (1.9 m)

Cooperation with Össur

The MATE-XT was developed in collaboration between IUVO and Össur and validated in collaboration with Ospedale Valudce and Fondazioneergo. Fondazionergo has published an EAWS guide to workplace assessment based on this device: Fondazione Ergo Publishes Worksheet for Ergonomic Evaluation of the MATE Exoskeleton (Aug, 2020). The EAWS is not intended as a substitute for intensive exoskeleton testing, but provides a solid starting point for objective evaluation based on measurement and observation. In addition, the MATE-XT is certified under the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC "taking into account" the ISO 13482/2014 technical standard for personal care robots.

Mate XT 4.0

What's new with the Mate-XT 4.o?


  • Sensors connected via WLAN provide near real-time data with an intuitive digital dashboard
  • IoT-enabled device: MATE-XT 4.0 Integration with Industry 4.0
  • Benefit of tax credit according to local legislation for the introduction of Industrie 4.0 devices
  • Preventive maintenance: error prevention

MATE (Muscular Aiding Tech Exoskeleton) fully replicates the dynamic movements of the shoulder while wrapping the body like a second skin. This not only ensures maximum comfort for the worker, but also increases work quality and efficiency by providing consistent motion support during manual and repetitive tasks. MATE XT is a mechanical exoskeleton that uses a passive spring mechanism and 8 different levels of support that can be selected as needed. Comau's MateXT exoskeleton is specifically designed for industrial use. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and supports the upper body, especially the shoulders, neck and arms. It is ideal for overhead activities. With a weight of 3 kg, it is lightweight yet robust. The exoskeleton is water resistant and can be used in environments with oils, dust and water. It is rated for temperatures up to 50 degrees. The MateXT exoskeleton allows for use on machinery and is suitable for use in assembly, trade and industry. It can be used by users with a body height of 154 to 194 cm. The product is available in Europe, Asia, the USA and South America. There is no minimum purchase and no regular maintenance is required. Each arm of the exoskeleton can lift up to 5.5 kg. The manufacturer's headquarters are located in Italy, and production also takes place there. The MateXT exoskeleton has the CE mark and comes with a one-year warranty. There is no instruction manual, but the manufacturer offers a test package for 1800 EUR, which can be used for 2 days and 3 weeks.

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Mate XT Exoskeleton Test Report

On 06 May 2023, Sebastian (master orthopedic technician) and I (Tom) were able to test the Mate XT in an industrial hall. Putting it on took about a minute after several practice attempts. We received virtual instruction from the manufacturer beforehand. There is a QR code on the product, which leads to explanatory videos. This explains how to put on the product, how to adjust it for an ergonomic fit, and other important instructions for use. As you can see, we have successfully tested the Mate XT. Sitting on an office chair is just as possible as kneeling. Here, the exoskeleton does not interfere at all. The rear part is made of carbon. Therefore the exoskeleton weighs very little. It is very easy to adjust it to several sizes with the help of a splint. After activating the "Unlock" function, you quickly notice how the arms become lighter from an overhead angle. This makes it possible to work overhead for a very long time. The arms do not get tired as quickly, the shoulders do not hurt. With an included Allen key, the strength can be adjusted from one to eight, with eight being the strongest support. At first, we could hear a little clacking because we didn't adjust the shoulder area on the back ideally. In the back, there is an adjustment option for the joints at the shoulders. This must be adjusted to fit and can then be fixed as shown in the pictures.

Company information

Facts & Figures

MATE means Muscular Aiding Tech Exoskeleton. Cooperates with Össur. Founded in 1973.


Kai Swakowski

Account Manager

Mobil: +49 151 44144 353

Email: [email protected]


Company address

  • Comau Deutschland GmbH
  • Hugo-Eckener-Straße 20
  • 50829
  • Cologne
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