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Laevo Flex exoskeleton: portable chest and back support

The Laevo is a chest and back support to be worn, which adapts to any posture. Every time you feel pressure, the back is protected.

Industry sectors

  • Agriculture
  • Department store / Logistics
  • Healthcare

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Laevo Flex exoskeleton: portable chest and back support need to know.


The Laevo makes it easier for you to move and work if you have back problems or want to prevent them. The portable structure reduces the relative weight of the upper body and thus the load on the lower back. Thus, it is a tool that supports the working posture and improves sustainable usability. The portable design of the upper body reduces the weight load on your lower back, improving your posture and maintaining your performance. Furthermore, the Laevo also allows you to walk, work in an upright posture, or work to reach on or up. The Laevo facilitates work in a bent-over posture or with frequent lifting / bending movements. The Laevo reduces the strain on the back. Important: You can not lift heavier with it, and certainly not than is legally required, but the lifting becomes easier and no longer goes so much on the back.

  • Laevo V2 is the portable chest and back support that perfectly adapts to any posture. Laevo V2 is your perfect companion on the go - wherever you go.
  • The Laevo V2 transfers the force from your chest to your thighs. Because of the leverage, the force on your chest is 10 x less than what your spine and back muscles have to endure.
  • There is only one fit for the Laevo.
  • With the Laevo, the relief takes place through a gas pressure spring, which is pre-tensioned when bending or squatting and releases the energy again when straightening up.
  • The smart hinge allows you to hinge at the hip so you can kneel or squat.
  • The on / off switch is used for quick activation / deactivation of the system.
  • The chest pad rotates with each step so you can walk freely.
  • The Angle button enables you to set the system individually.
  • Putting on and taking off like a coat Walking, bending, turning and squatting
  • No batteries
  • Make all the movements you need
  • Easy to maintain and implement.

In 2015, Laevo proudly presented the Laevo V2.0, one of the first commercially available exoskeletons in the world. Two years later, in 2017, they launched the Laevo V2.5, which offered numerous improvements and performance enhancements requested by both users and employers. The Laevo V2.5 has undoubtedly set the standard for commercial exoskeleton design and has sparked a worldwide interest in the technology from companies and researchers. Although the Laevo FLEX was introduced in 2021, the Laevo V2.5 remains a robust product with a variety of suitable applications. It continues to support users around the world in their daily lives. The Laevo V2.5's durability and performance have helped it retain its place in the exoskeleton landscape even after the introduction of newer models. It continues to be a reliable option for people who want to benefit from the advantages of an exoskeleton. The Laevo Flex V3.0 is a highly customizable wearable exoskeleton that provides support while minimizing physical obstacles. The company gathered valuable customer feedback through years of on-site integration of the previous Laevo 2.5 model to develop this new product. The Laevo Flex stands out because it can be worn continuously throughout the workday. It features an interchangeable vest with versions for men and women. The gas springs have been improved to offer increased water and dust resistance and are now connected to a swivel joint, which is technically a differential. This allows for greater mobility as the differential adjusts according to body movement without losing support. This adds several centimeters to the user's standing area, while keeping the size in line with other passive exoskeletons on the market. The Laevo Flex is designed to facilitate the grasping of tools and increase the user's maximum freedom of movement. Similar to the Laevo 2.5, the connecting rods are interchangeable, allowing for additional customization of the wearable device. Donning the Laevo Flex V3.0 takes a bit longer (from 10 to 15 seconds), but the increased comfort should be worth it. The new model is also easier and faster to customize or share. More movements such as pushing, pulling or even cycling are now possible with the Laevo Flex. Another notable feature is the increased strength of the integrated gas springs, which can provide up to 2.5 times more power than previous models. The Laevo team announced in April 2022 that the Laevo Flex has received official European Union certification as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including CE marking. Among the many exoskeletons and wearable robotic devices that have CE marking, the Laevo Flex is the first to receive a declaration of conformity under the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation (EU) 2016/425. The certification was carried out using the EU Type Examination Module B/C.

The Laevo Flex exoskeleton is a wearable chest and back support designed specifically for industrial use. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and focuses on upper body support. The exoskeleton is focused on the back region and allows for lifting and carrying loads. It does not require electricity to operate and is suitable for use in various sectors such as logistics, industry, crafts and assembly. With a weight of 4 kg, it is relatively light and can be used by people with a height of 150 to 195 cm. It is compatible with machines, but does not allow forklift or van driving. The exoskeleton is not suitable for sitting on a chair, but it is oil, dust and water resistant, making it ideal for use in environments with these elements. It can be used in temperatures up to 40 degrees. The net retail price is 4460 euros, and the product is sold in various countries and continents, including the USA, Asia, Europe and South America. There is no minimum purchase quantity. The exoskeleton requires regular maintenance and can be used for lifting up to a maximum weight of 20 kg. The manufacturer is headquartered in the Netherlands, as is the production. It has the CE mark and a warranty of one year. Instruction manual is available and the manufacturer offers a test package at the price of 6740 euros for 3 weeks.

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Laevo V2 Flex test report:

Sebastian (master orthotist) and I (Tom) were able to test the Laevo Flex in an old industrial facility on May 06, 2023. You get the Laevo Flex in a large Laevo branded bag, which can easily be carried over the shoulder or by hand as a carrying bag. We have spread out the entire set once for you. There are additional leg joints included so that the set is usable for any user size, as well as more spare parts, respectively more strength strands for easy change. For women, a special women's vest is included. This means that even as a woman, you can wear the exoskeleton without any problems and without it being too restrictive in the chest area. Putting it on took about a minute. We received a virtual instruction from the manufacturer in advance. Furthermore, you can find more videos with instructions on Youtube or the manufacturer's website. This enables you to put on the exoskeleton yourself and adjust it individually. There is an adjustment mechanism for the leg joints on the side. This allows you to easily activate the leg joints or deactivate them for longer walking. For use, we recommend setting number three. With this setting, the leg joints act as a counter-pressure to the back and can thus absorb the energy. When walking, you either have to get used to it or loosen the leg joints a bit again within seconds. Otherwise you are working against the leg energy when walking. We also tested the Laevo Flex while climbing stairs. This worked flawlessly. When sitting on an office chair, the solution reaches its limits, as the standardized office chair width is too narrow for the Laevo Flex 2. One could only sit slightly bent forward. The situation is different for chairs without backrests. Thus, we tested a round seat chair. Sitting was possible without any problems. Initially, we thought that we might get stuck with the blue connecting parts, but this was not the case in narrow aisles, on a ladder or on machines. You can squat down and turn around your own axis without any problems. Even visiting the toilet is possible without any problems. It should be paid urgent attention to the fact that the leg joints are really properly adjusted, preferably two centimeters above the patella tendon terminating. Due to the air-permeable fabric cover, one does not start sweating as quickly as with other solutions. However, sweating can be ruled out with an exoskeleton, since extensive skin contact always stimulates transpiration. The Laevo Flex unfolds its full power when bent forward. This is where the support really becomes noticeable. It feels as if the exoskeleton automatically relieves the back and pulls it upwards out of the squat position. All in all, the solution is very practical, easy to use and can be used without interfering with other alternating activities.


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Company information

Facts & Figures

Laevo emerged from the X-Arm project, which was launched by InteSpring as a grant project in December 2009. Laevo (pronounced: layvo) comes from the Latin word "levo," which means to illuminate, to float, and to reduce.

Company address

  • Laevo BV.
  • Patrijsweg 30
  • 2289 EX Rijswijk
  • The Netherlands

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