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Overhead exoskeleton from Hilti for construction and handicrafts

The Hilti exoskeleton is a passive exoskeleton that reduces the load on the shoulders and arms during overhead work

Industry sectors

  • Ventilation pipes
  • Construction industry
  • Ventilation systems
  • Cable
  • Drywall

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Overhead exoskeleton from Hilti for construction and handicrafts need to know.


This model is passive and does not require energy input. The arms are diverted to the hip with the help of a mechanical pulley system to support the weight of the arms. This reduces peak muscle stress and relieves shoulder strain by up to 47 percent, according to independent studies and research by Ottobock. The product must not be used in explosive environments and should not be used without user-specific product adjustment.

The product must not be used to increase performance or to lift people.

Hilti exoskeleton price starts from four digits. Contact us if you want to buy the Hilti Exoskeleton.

  • Only 2 kg
  • More comfort on the jobsite - this passive exoskeleton supports the wearer, helping to reduce the risk of injury, longer work breaks and sick leave due to overwork
  • For a more relaxed workday - with less than 2 kg total weight, this ultralight exoskeleton can delay arm and shoulder muscle fatigue during prolonged overhead work
  • Freedom of movement - dynamic support without restricting the range of motion of the arms and upper body
  • Versatile - optimal support for almost any overhead application on the construction site
  • No batteries required - no power source or motor, making the overhead exoskeleton virtually maintenance free and always ready for use
  • Increased safety on the construction site - reduction of physical strain leads to less fatigue in the shoulder and neck area during overhead work and thus to increased safety.
  • Improved employee comfort - Exoskeletons improve employee comfort on the jobsite and can reduce sick leave due to physically demanding work.
  • Practical and user-friendly design - The exoskeleton is specially designed for use in construction site conditions and makes carrying, adjusting and cleaning much easier.
  • Suitable for all-day use - The EXO-S is one of the lightest shoulder exoskeletons on the market and still offers high freedom of movement at a weight of only 2.4 kg.
  • Adjustable - For particularly demanding overhead work, a neck support can provide additional relief.




  • Ideal for continuous or repetitive overhead work with or without tools.
  • Suitable for drywall installation, such as fixing rails to ceilings and walls, taping, hanging and screwing panels.
  • Also suitable for edge and surface sanding, for example for finishing walls and ceilings.
  • Suitable for overhead installations of piping, sprinkler systems, air ducts, conduits, cable trays and rails.

Hilti's overhead exoskeleton for construction and crafts is an industrial solution that is versatile. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and focuses on supporting the upper body, especially the shoulders, neck and arms. The exoskeleton provides relieving support for overhead work and is lightweight and comfortable, weighing 2.40 kg. It is suitable for users with a body height of 165 to 190 cm and can be used in conjunction with machines. The exoskeleton is not suitable for driving forklifts or transporters, but allows sitting on a chair. It is dust and water resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 50 degrees. The product is sold in Europe and there is no minimum order quantity. It does not require regular maintenance and has a one-year warranty. The manufacturer has its headquarters in Germany, while production takes place in China. It has the CE marking and an instruction manual is available.

Instruction manual:

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Company information

Facts & Figures

The company has several collaborations with Ottobock and is one of the best-selling exoskeletons in Germany.

Company address

  • Hilti Germany AG
  • Hilti Street 2
  • 86916 Kaufering

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