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Exoskeleton Apex by HeroWear for men and women

The Apex is a textile back-supporting exosuit that reduces back strain while fitting like a comfortable garment.

Industry sectors

  • Dispo
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Mounting

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Exoskeleton Apex by HeroWear for men and women need to know.


Modular textile-based design allows workers to customize fit and support to meet their needs. The dual-mode switch is convenient and practical. Modular, textile-based design allows workers to customize fit and support. For maximum comfort. In over 50 possible combinations. For everyone and every job. Modular design also allows for special fits tailored for men and women.


The system is suitable for both men and women.


The HeroWear Apex is a back-supporting exoskeleton that combines comfort, ease of use and accessibility for all. Its textile-based exoskeleton design allows maximum freedom of movement.


Women make up half of the industrial workforce. That's why we designed the Apex from the start as an Exo for all: the first Exo suit with a fit for women. The Apex comes in over 50 different fit combinations. All sizes - short, tall, large and small, .


Reduces back strain by over 75 pounds. With every lift.
We designed the Apex to reduce back muscle fatigue by reducing the load on your back by more than 75 pounds with each lift and reducing spinal compression. It maintains your strength and ensures healthy productivity.Lightweight. Comfortable. Maneuverable.

The Apex is made of lightweight materials and fits comfortably. Weighing only 3.4 pounds, it is textile-based, breathable and gives you an incredible range of motion.Easy to put on. Easy to activate.


The Apex is easy to put on and take off. Dual mode means you can activate the exosuit support when you need it. And deactivate it when you don't need it.


We've developed a 3-pound suit that takes 75 pounds off your back every time you lift an object. All without motors or batteries.
The suit provides power when you need it and gets out of your way when you don't. This is achieved through a patent-pending on/off function activated by a single, easy-to-use switch that is unique in our market.


We have developed the world's first women-specific exosuit. The Apex is modular, so every part of the suit can be customized, including components designed specifically for women. Other exosuits take a one-size-fits-all approach, with no special customization for women.

While other exosuits use batteries or other power sources, ours is powerless and instead relies on an elastic support that doesn't need to be recharged every workday.


Our device is based on an enormous amount of peer-reviewed science, much of which we have conducted ourselves.


Our device is one of the first significant working products, which means that it can already be used in warehouses today. Many other devices are still in development and are not yet ready for the market.


Women make up just over 50 percent of the workforce. Every day, they lug, lift, bend, reach, push and pull more than their weight around the globe. Any exo-suit designed to fit an entire workforce must also fit women. And that's exactly what the HeroWear Apex does. For women, unisex exosuits and exoskeletons often don't meet their human standard: comfort. To be a true exo for all, an exosuit must be customizable, wearable and comfortable. The Apex meets these criteria with a thoughtful, modular design that takes into account the key variables necessary for a custom fit. For women and for men. Professional women around the world are ready for a change. Now it's over with the weight.




The design of the straps of the Apex differs for women. By changing the curvilinear shape, the Apex better fits women who generally have narrower shoulders and a shorter torso and need a more dynamic curve to create space for the bust. Thanks to the modular design, we can offer this option. Simple line graphic of the female silhouette.




Occupational exoskeletons with breast plates and rigid torso structures can compress very sensitive tissue in women. The Apex solves this problem with an open forward design. Simple line graphic of pelvic bone and femur.




On average, women have a greater Q-angle (between pelvis and thighs) than men. The Apex provides a greater range of motion than any other exoskeleton and allows women to move more naturally. Simple line graph of three water drops.




Ask a woman where she sweats first or most and she will often point to her chest. The lightweight, open design of the Apex allows the body to breathe and sweat without discomfort.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

HeroWear was founded at Vanderbilt University. HeroWear has received a total of $1.6M in 4 rounds of funding. The latest funding was raised on Jan 7, 2022 in a Venture - Series Unknown round. HeroWear is funded by 2 investors. Launch Tennessee and National Science Foundation are the latest investors.

Company address

  • HeroWear, LLC
  • Nashville
  • TN 37203
  • US

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