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Atlas system from Exomys to carry loads over long distances

The world's first modular exoskeleton for carrying heavy loads up to 25 kg over long distances

Industry sectors

  • Production
  • Construction
  • Logistics

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Atlas system from Exomys to carry loads over long distances need to know.



  • Reduction of long-term postural deformities
  • Reduction of sick leave
  • Fewer occupational accidents
  • Fewer occupational accidents

The load is hooked into the matching and versatile interchangeable controls. When lifting, the weight is diverted to the hips by the mechanical design. The muscle strength of the arms is now only used to balance the load. The Atlas system serves as a portable lifting and carrying support system that redirects the weight of the load to the hips. By reducing the load on the upper body, it increases efficiency, prevents injury, and allows individuals to perform at peak levels for extended periods of time.


Exomys develops passive and modular exoskeletons for industrial applications and logistics that support employees during long activities while standing or carrying heavy loads. The first module can be used as a mobile lifting and carrying support so that the load is redirected from the upper body to the hips when used. By taking the strain off the upper body, it increases efficiency, prevents injuries and enables peak performance over a longer period of time.


The exoskeleton allows the back to remain straight and prevents one-sided and damaging loads. The body is balanced through even distribution of the load. The arm joints are also spared.


Unlike other similar exoskeletons on the market, which are task-specific and optimized for a specific group of applications, Atlas is designed to adapt to different work scenarios thanks to its modular design. In fact, Atlas is a system that can support different end effectors (e.g. hooks and suction cups) and exoskeleton modules (e.g. shoulder and lumbar support).   The Atlas System from Exomys is an industrial exoskeleton designed to carry heavy loads over long distances. The exoskeleton belongs to the industrial category and is suitable for indoor use. It is specially designed for the upper part of the body and relieves the back during movements such as lifting and carrying. With a weight of 2.3 kg, the exoskeleton is lightweight and allows the user a high degree of mobility. The Atlas system from Exomys is not powered by electricity and therefore does not require batteries or cables. It is mainly used in the logistics and furniture industries to help workers move heavy loads. The exoskeleton is suitable for people with a height of 165 to 200 cm. It can be attached to machines to provide users with additional support during certain tasks. However, it is not possible to use the exoskeleton while driving a forklift or a van. The exoskeleton is not designed to allow sitting on a chair. It is resistant to dust and water, which facilitates its use in various environments. The maximum temperature at which the exoskeleton can be used is 40 degrees Celsius. The retail price of the Atlas system is 2950 euros net. The exoskeleton will be available for sale in Germany and Austria. There is no minimum purchase for the product, so it can also be purchased individually. Regular maintenance of the exoskeleton is required to ensure its optimal functionality. It is capable of lifting a maximum weight of 25 kg. The manufacturer of the Atlas system has its headquarters in Austria and production also takes place there. The exoskeleton has a CE mark, which confirms its conformity with European safety standards.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

The company was founded in 2018 by John Bernhardt in Vienna.

Company address

  • Exomys - Augmented Humanity GmbH
  • Marxergasse 24/2
  • A-1030 Vienna

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