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Exoskeletons work their way out of the niche (Handelsblatt / Paywall)

Body-worn robots are becoming more comfortable and less expensive - now manufacturers are hoping for widespread use in the work environment. In sales, digital ergonomics analyses are moving into focus.

Exoskeletons are designed to assist workers with heavy loads. Source: Company

Cologne German Bionic is looking for the big stage: Instead of an industrial trade fair, the Augsburg-based start-up, which earns its money from corporate customers, has just presented its latest exoskeleton at the consumer electronics trade fair CES in Las Vegas. You can reach a broader audience there, says co-founder and CEO Armin G. Schmidt. "Ultimately, we need to convince enterprise end users."

Lighter, more comfortable and more visually appealing than its predecessors, the latest model is said to ensure that the devices are a sought-after tool in the workplace. been perceived. "We are convinced that the acceptance of exoskeletons is growing strongly," says Schmidt.

Article Paywall: Source: Exoskeletons work their way out of the niche ( (16.01.2023)

Tom Illauer

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