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"Exoskeleton" from Wannweil helps surgeons during operations

Many doctors suffer from the fact that they often have to stand for hours in a stooped position at the operating table. An ergonomic "exoskeleton" from Wannweil is intended to provide relief.

The company Hellstern from Wannweil (Reutlingen district) has developed an ergonomic surgical support system for surgeons. The so-called "exoskeleton" called Noac is to be used in the future at the gynecological clinic in Tübingen. According to Bernhard Krämer, deputy medical director of Tübingen's gynecology department, many doctors suffer from muscle tension and skeletal disorders due to hours of surgery. In his opinion, "Noac" could provide relief here.

Invention from Wannweil relieves surgeons during operations

In the "exoskeleton", the operating physician hangs himself in a support column with risers and sits on a kind of bicycle saddle. The respective surgeon can move normally in it and is held securely in any position. "Quasi sitting while standing," developer Sabrina Hellstern told SWR radio. The invention was long overdue. In industry, every skilled worker on the assembly line has such ergonomic workstations.

"Surgeons' instruments are becoming more innovative, but doctors are still working at the operating table as they did 150 years ago."

Quit permanent job and founded start-up

The "exoskeleton" was invented by Sabrina Hellstern and Claudia Sodha. For their dream of making work easier, the two inventors quit their permanent jobs in medical technology, took out a loan and founded a start-up. Despite a family and small children, they brought "Noac" to market maturity within six years.

Source: "Exoskeleton" from Wannweil helps surgeons operate - SWR Aktuell (04.02.2023)

Tom Illauer

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