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Cray X exoskeleton from German Bionic wins at the VivaTech 2022 "Elections de la Tech".

A first-time guest in Paris, the Cray X has already become a crowd favorite among the tech-savvy French: At the "Elections de la Tech", the smart exoskeleton from German Bionic won in the category "Health - digital and inclusive".

The fifth generation of the AI-based exoskeleton Cray X from Augsburg-based robotics company German Bionic has been awarded one of the top prizes at the inaugural "Elections de la Tech" at Viva Technology 2022, Europe's largest startup and tech event. The prize in the category "Health - digital and inclusive" ("Santé digitalisée et inclusive") was awarded on June 18 on the VivaTech main stage.

"We are very pleased to receive this award, which after all also says a lot about the appreciation and acceptance of our innovation among the general population," says Armin G. Schmidt, CEO of German Bionic. "The health of workers and the inclusion of all social groups in important work processes have always been core concerns of our company - whether in logistics, critical infrastructure or care. VivaTech was an ideal setting to raise awareness of our Cray X exoskeleton in the important French market. And we received great encouragement from industry, business and politics at the trade fair."

The "Les elections de la Tech" competition was launched by the media group Les Echos - Le Parisien, Franceinfo and Netexplo and held for the first time at the VivaTech trade fair. Innovations "that could one day change your life" were nominated. French people were invited to vote on their favorite innovations. The Cray X from German Bionic was presented by VivaTech 2022 as follows:

"Do you think robots will be the future of the workplace? Think again. The future could lie in augmenting humans. Thanks to German Bionic, workers can do their jobs more effectively, faster, safer and better. They literally have your back. German Bionic's Cray X Power Suit attaches to the body and provides up to 30 kg of support per lifting motion for the lower back, as well as active walking support for the legs. So it turns you into a superhero? Almost. The exoskeleton suit makes it easier for workers to lift, load or move large or heavy objects. The goal is to increase productivity while reducing overuse or injury during work. Humans could be the new robots of tomorrow!"

Attention from companies, politics and the media

The first official presentation of the fifth generation Cray X at the demo point in the "Discovery Zone" of VivaTech 2022 attracted a lot of attention from companies, politicians and the media even before the award ceremony. Among others, Dr. Hans-Dieter Lucas, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in France, visited the booth and learned about the fascinating new features of the fifth-generation Cray X, which is the first exoskeleton of its kind to support two body regions at the same time and provides AI-based ergonomics and relief for heavy lifting and walking.

About German Bionic

German Bionic, with locations in Augsburg, Berlin, Boston and Tokyo, is the first European manufacturer to develop and produce intelligent power suits. Exos or exoskeletons are human-machine systems that combine human intelligence with machine power by supporting or amplifying the wearer's movements. The Cray X from German Bionic is the world's first networked exoskeleton for the working world, which, connected to the Smart Factory, self-learns to reinforce lifting movements and prevent incorrect posture. It thus becomes an intelligent link between man and machine. In doing so, it protects the health of workers, measurably reduces accident risks and thus improves work processes. For this innovative technology, which puts people back in the focus of Industry 4.0, German Bionic and the Cray X have received numerous awards, including the Bavarian and German Founders' Prize, the Land of Ideas and Automatica Award, as well as a nomination for the prestigious Hermes Award at the Hannover Messe.

Source: Exoskeleton Cray X from German Bionic wins at the VivaTech 2022 "Elections de la Tech" - German Bionic - German Bionic (18.10.2022)

Tom Illauer

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