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Battery-powered ExoActive overhead exoskeleton from Festool

The battery-powered ExoActive exoskeleton makes strenuous overhead work a breeze.

Industry sectors

  • Painter
  • Drywall
  • Wallpapering

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Battery-powered ExoActive overhead exoskeleton from Festool need to know.

The battery-powered ExoActive exoskeleton makes strenuous overhead work a breeze. Whether drywall construction, painting, wallpapering or assembly work - on walls or ceilings - the ExoActive exoskeleton gives users an extra boost for tired arms and relieves strain on the neck. By reducing the strain on their bodies, they can work more effectively, focus more on the quality of their work and ultimately enjoy what they do more. They can set the level of support they need on the exoskeleton in seconds, giving them targeted support exactly where it's needed. Like a backpack, the ExoActive is comfortable and easy to wear and can be quickly adjusted to the user's individual body size. Anpowered by an 18-volt battery, it's called ExoActive. This product innovation signals a revolution for almost all trades in the construction industry, because unlike the systems currently available on the market, the ExoActive exoskeleton actively supports the worker under the arm to facilitate fatigue-free work on walls and ceilings.

The ExoActive is an active exoskeleton. This means that the user can precisely adjust the support setting to get the level of support needed for the task at hand. Thanks to its powerful Festool 18-volt battery pack, the ExoActive gives users just the boost they need to easily complete tiring overhead tasks. From the waist up, at chest level or overhead - users can adjust where and how much support they want in seconds.


If necessary, users can also pause the Support Boost completely. This allows the ExoActive to support the user specifically where it is needed, while being as easy to carry as a backpack. It also quickly adjusts to different body sizes, so its ergonomics work perfectly for all body types. The exoskeleton makes it much easier to avoid overexertion, especially during overhead work.


This makes work feel up to a third easier. In addition, it has an active system, which is a unique selling point in this product segment. "Active" means that it is powered. As a result, the ExoActive adapts almost instantly to any work situation. The ExoActive is powered by the same Festool 18-volt battery pack that we use for our other tools.

Provides support up to 5 kg


The ExoActive gives each forearm an additional thrust of up to 50 Newton. This corresponds to a weight reduction of approx. 5 kg. By way of comparison, the PLANEX LHS 2 225 EQI long-neck sander weighs 4.7 kilograms and yet is feather-light in the hand. "Because the possible applications in the trade are so varied, the support of the ExoActive can be individually adjusted to the task at hand. By turning the knob, you can adjust the support you need at any given time. The exoskeleton has three preset work ranges for effortless control: from the hips up, from the chest up, or overhead," explains Dominic Ender. The Festool Work app (free download from the App Store or Google Play Store) also lets users select additional profiles for optimal support. The ergonomically designed, Via an easy-to-reach control element, the user can switch the ExoActive on and off as required, set the level of support to one of five levels and select the working area. If the user does not need assistance for the time being - for example, if he wants to pick up a screw or mix paint - he can pause the system at the touch of a button.


Maximum freedom of movement


The new exoskeleton becomes one with your body. No interfering components, no restrictive straps. Whether you're picking up a screw, mixing paint or retrieving tools from your vehicle, the ExoActive exoskeleton offers maximum freedom of movement and a high level of comfort. A practical detail: all fabric and harness parts of the ExoActive are removable and washable, so it can be worn by different people. In addition, each user can be equipped with their own harness system, which makes switching between them even easier and faster.


Exoskeletons in humans and animals:


A brief explanation The use of an exoskeleton as a supportive unit is not a new idea: In nature, there are many different land-based organisms and marine creatures with an external support structure in the form of an exoskeleton. Mechanical exoskeletons, on the other hand, are mechanical structures that can be worn on the human body and are usually relatively easy to remove. Using joints in the exoskeleton that are powered by an external energy source, active exoskeletons support or amplify the wearer's movements.


Integrated into the Festool 18 Volt system


The ExoActive is supplied with all accessories in a robust packaging that serves as a raised storage surface in addition to product protection. The ExoActive is powered by an 18-volt battery that is also compatible with the entire Festool 18-volt system.


The rechargeable battery world from Festool:


There's more to it than "just" power "Battery technology and battery-powered devices are a very significant trend in the tool market. We have aligned our strategy with this and are continuously expanding our portfolio accordingly For the sake of it - we want to more specifically test how battery technology is best suited to the application in question, we want to optimize results so that products are perfect for their applications, and we want to make work easier and safer and better for craftsmen," says Sascha Menges, Managing Director of Festool GmbH. This commitment is exemplified by the new additions to the Festool 18-volt system, in particular the Systainer saw CSC SYS 50,

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Company information

Facts & Figures

Festool is a family-owned company based in Wendlingen, Germany, and specializes in high-quality power tools. The company has a whole 2,700 employees in 2022 and developed the product itself. The company has several worldwide locations and was founded in 1925. It is exciting that the company itself has now developed an exoskeleton called ExoActive, although the subsidiary (exoIQ GmbH belongs to Festool GmbH and the TTS Group) has also developed an exoskeleton called S700.

Company address

  • Festool GmbH
  • Wertstraße 20
  • D-73240 Wendlingen
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