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EvoMove: Orthosis with FES from Evomotion

The evomove® is a medical device for people with walking disabilities. It activates the muscles in the leg and hip with electrical impulses and improves walking movement. The evomove® can be used as an orthotic fitting or on its own. Thus, the best of two technologies can be combined. Activity, dynamics and stability in gait through FES and stance stability and orthopedic correction through the orthosis. With functional electrostimulation, your muscles can be activated while you walk. For example, you can better control your knee and/or actively use your muscles for forward movement and a more dynamic, natural gait. This promises many benefits. An orthosis holds, stabilizes and guides the lower leg and foot during walking and standing and can support foot elevation.

  • First orthosis with FES
  • Quickly applicable
  • Perfectly integrable in everyday life

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the EvoMove: Orthosis with FES from Evomotion need to know.


The evomove® is an aid for individual functional electrostimulation in the gait. It has two channels, each of which makes it possible to innervate a muscle group. This is possible on the lower leg as well as on the thigh. A total of 5 muscle groups of the lower extremity can be selected. The electrodes, through which the motor nerves are stimulated, are individually placed and transferred to a custom-made cuff or cycling shorts. Through a gait-specific configuration of the stimulation parameters in the evomove® app, users can be optimally supported. In addition, the evomove® can also be used as an orthotic fitting, thus combining the best of two technologies: Activity, dynamics and stability in gait through FES and stance stability and orthopedic correction through the orthosis.


Finally walk better again


Activates muscles in the lower leg with electrical impulses.


With or without orthosis


All the advantages of the orthosis are retained. An orthosis may no longer be necessary.


Unobtrusive design for everyday use


Small device, simple design, almost no cable


Also for children from 6 years


Supports the activity suitable for children.


Simple app control


Operate via smartphone or watch with the evomove® app.


Two muscle groups
Stimulate independently


Dual channel FES system


You can stimulate two muscle groups in parallel and In the app precisely adjust the timing for each muscle group.


Free positioning of the electrodes


Ideal activation of the musculature


During the screening, uses the enclosed adhesive electrodes to determine the best position for a optimal address of the musculature.


Stimulation with individual precision


All parameters at a glance


In the screening with the values for intensity, timing, pulse width and frequency, adapts the stimulation to the individual needs of the users.


Integrated & intelligent motion detection


Learning gait recognition


In the evomove® is a 6D Inertial Sensor which recognizes the walking movement. An adaptive algorithm finds the right time for stimulation.


The evomove® orthokit is intended to be designed and combined with an orthosis; all materials for mounting in an orthosis are included.

The evomove® acts here as an orthosis fitting part and provides muscular activity in the orthosis, which has a positive functional effect on the lower leg on the knee (avoidance of genu recurvatum and/or initiation of the swing leg forward movement (push-off)), active stabilization of the ankle during load transfer and maintenance of ankle mobility in dorsiflexion and plantar flexion. With the new femoral system not only the quadriceps and ischiocrural muscles can be activated, but also for the first time the muscles surrounding the hip joint (gluteus maximus, miniumus and medius).

Solo Kit:

The evomove® solokit is to be regarded as a solitary solution.

With the evomove®solokit, the evomove® is attached in a pocket to an Cuff or cycling shorts placed. On the lower leg, the focus is usually on correcting the drop foot (stimulation of the tibialis anterior muscle). The second channel (unique selling point) can additionally stimulate the calf muscles to improve knee control and increase endurance (push-off). Here too, recently the Quadriceps, the ischiocrural muscles and also the muscles surrounding the hip joint. (gluteus maximus, miniumus and medius) are activated.


Control unit


The control unit is the heart of the evomove®. It performs everything from the gear detection to the generation of the electrical pulses.
Practical: With our casting dummy and the holder, you can install the control unit directly in the orthosis.


evomove® app


With the evomove® app, you bring a powerful FES system to life via smartphone or iWatch:

Evomotion partner In a separate area, the stimulation is adjusted in such a way that it ideally supports the user during walking. Users activate the stimulation and adjust the intensity to your own form of the day.


Cuff or Radler


We manufacture the cuffs and wheelers individually for each user in order to offer a perfect fit on the leg and high comfort. It is connected by cable to the control unit and holds the Electrodes on the skin in the correct position.

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For whom is the Evomove suitable and for whom not?

The evomove® is primarily intended for adults and children whose walking ability is limited due to a central nervous disorder. Triggering diseases or injuries include Stroke (apoplexy), multiple sclerosis (MS), traumatic brain injury (SHT), cerebral palsy (CP), and incomplete transection.. In certain cases, prosthesis patients, intervertebral disc problems or other peripheral nerve damage can also be treated. In order to use the evomove® safely, it is important that you are able to walk and stand. Even though your musculature may improve through regular use, you will need a certain amount of training at the beginning. Muscle status. You can find out whether you are currently confident enough to stand in a preliminary discussion with an Evomotion partner.


People respond differently to electrical stimulation. This means that for some people, the same electrical impulse can cause a Muscle contraction triggers pain in some people and not in others. Also, people have different sensations of pain. If you respond well to electrostimulation, the evomove® may be right for you.


  • Adults and children
  • Ability to walk and stand (supported with orthosis)
  • Motor and mental skills for operating the evomove®
  • Good response to electrostimulation
  • Compliance (e.g. painless application)


Limited ability to walk as a result of central nervous disorders, such as:

- Stroke
- Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
- Cerebral palsy (CP)
- Traumatic brain injury (SHT)
- Incomplete cross sections


Absolute contraindications:

- Malignant progressions in the stimulation area
- Phlebitis (inflammation of superficial veins) / thrombophlebitis (thrombosis and inflammation of superficial veins)
- Local fractures or lesions
- Skin mantle changes or skin lesions in the stimulation area.
- Non-compensable mental limitations that prevent the basic functions (switching on/off, setting the desired stimulation intensity) from being operated in the app
- Necessary care by relatives or third persons, if the caregivers cannot accompany and supervise every use of the evomove®.
- Fundamental loss of walking movement
- Pregnancy, throughout the duration

Relative contraindications (use only with a medical clearance):

- Seizure disorders (e.g. epilepsy)
- Severe obesity
- Use of pacemakers or defibrillators
- Presence of metal implants in the application area
- Existing skin diseases or known sensitive skin (dermatological monitoring of use recommended).

Company information

Facts & Figures

Evomotion is a medical device manufacturer and medical technology company that specializes in the field of functional electrostimulation and its research with its innovative products. The company was founded by Aljoscha Diercks in 2016 with the basic idea of evomove®. The basis for the development and further development is our research on movement analysis and the positive effects of electrostimulation on our users*. Evomotion currently employs more than 20 people from different disciplines who share the same passion for the progressive idea.

Company address

  • Evomotion GmbH
  • Wallstraße 3
  • D-21335 Lüneburg

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